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Legal Plan

Legal Plan – We Won’t Bill By The Hour

The Bogen Law Group offers a one of a kind Legal Plan to associations throughout the State of Florida.  This Legal Plan will allow your association to contact our law firm throughout the year on an UNLIMITED basis without incurring legal fees. For one annual flat fee, excluding costs, you will not be billed for any of the following legal services.

The Legal Plan provides your association with the following:

UNLIMITED telephone appointments. A designated board member, officer, or manager of your association can set up unlimited telephone appointments to discuss legal questions or issues relating to Condominium Law (Chapter 718) or Homeowner Association Law (Chapter 720).

UNLIMITED letters to unit owners. Many times throughout the year, the association needs to send a letter to a unit owner for violating the governing documents or rules of the association. This Legal Plan will include the drafting and sending of unlimited letters to unit owners with no additional charge in drafting and responding to correspondence from unit owners.

UNLIMITED Legal Research. When a legal issue concerning condo or HOA law arises, your association will not be billed for legal research. We provide unlimited legal research for clients who sign up for our Legal Plan.

Our Legal Plan allows your association to seek unlimited legal advice without worrying about legal bills. Hundreds of associations have taken advantage of our Legal Plan and we are happy to provide testimonials from our clients upon request.